Cancer - Yes and Maybe a Natural Remedy for Cancer

Sabtu, 17 November 2012

Well back to that old cliche "you are what you eat" it's what you put into your body that kills you, not what you don't. Actually it's not completely true. It's not just what you self ingest into your body that makes you sick but also what you fail to ingest that matters. A lack of certain nutrients not only can make you sick but can kill you.

Thank God for men like Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez M.D. and Dr. Norman Walker who have gone against traditional thoughts on Curing Cancer and have been bold enough to write the truth in regards to "How Cancer Starts" and "How to rid the body of Cancer" of course through Natural Remedies. How to rid the body of this deadly beast that has crippled so many and has taken down millions in it's quest to attack, paralyze and destroy the human body.

First of all let's look at traditional thought and practice of locating the tumor or cancer cells and destroying them by subjecting the body to more toxic poisons through medicine or even more harmful to the human body, chemotherapy. It not only seeks to destroy cancer cells but also healthy cells needed to ward off and rid the body of the cancer cells through your immune system.

The truth of the matter as Dr. Gonzalez has stated, "the tumors are not the illness in and of themselves but rather the body's way to sequester waste material and warn the body of oncoming danger, yes the tumor has a purpose which is to warn you that your body is filled with too many toxins which have overwhelmed the liver's ability to process them."

Dr. Gonzalez as well as myself believe in the alternative approach to cancer therapy which is based on the premise it's not just important to prevent cancer by eating the right foods and nutrients but also is just as important to rid the body of certain toxic wastes that have been the catalyst to bring about the cancer in the first place.

As I have stated many times before, there is not a machine or computer built by man today that is more majestic to behold than the human body. The human body will repair itself but only when all variables are in place. The proper nutrients taken in and the toxins or subluxations that are causing blockages removed. Being that the body has between 60 and 100 Trillion Cells ( of course no one knows for sure but it is a well calculated and educated guess at best ) and just as red blood cells reproduce themselves every 60 to 90 days in the body all our other cells reproduce themselves every year and a half. Of course when the body is full of toxins and poisons then the immune system cannot work properly and cell replacement is stifled due to blockages because of the poisons. Hence it is necessary to remove all toxins and poisons at all costs if you want to get healthy and stay healthy by proper nutrition, diet and detoxification.

This is how our medical establishment has been evolving so to speak. Twenty years ago the American Cancer Society absolutely denied that nutrition had anything to do with cancer prevention or in cancer treatment but as of the President's Cancer Panel Report in 2010 it was stated that there are certain foods that have been identified to have certain natural chemicals that can not only help the body prevent cancer but to destroy cancer as well. I don't know about you but we have come along way like a 180 degree turn in learning that it is Nature's Way that is the best for our bodies and not a multitude of chemicals full of toxins and poisons. In the book Disease Destroyed, not only does it show you how to rid your body of Cancer, but it names many foods that are very cancer fighting such as broccolli, spinach, parsley and garlic.

One further note before I finish. It is imperitive that I mention a Naturopath in Windsor Ontario named Denis Marier who is doing Vitamin C infusions for people looking for an Alternative to Chemotherapy Treatment. In 2006 the Canadian Medical Association Journal published an article detailing three cases in which patients with advanced cancer benefited from high-dose intravenous vitamin C. Actually I believe Mr. Marier is following what Professor Pauling started in the 1960′s and 70′s.

Professor Linus Pauling received his Phd. in Chemistry in 1925. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1963 for his work in the fields of quantum chemistry and molecular biology and he often talked of the importance of Vitamin C for the Human Body. Actually Linus Pauling was considered one the most influential chemists in history and ranks amont the most important scientists of the 20th century. He won two Nobel Peace Prizes and a Nobel Prize in chemistry in his lifetime. He wrote many books including "How to live Longer and Feel Better" and was a large advocate of a high intake of vitamins especially Vitamin C for beating Cancer and the Common Cold. At age 40 Linus was diagnosed with Bright's Disease, a renal disease and he was able to control the disease with a low protein, salt free diet with Vitamin Supplements. In the 1970′s he was the principal advocate of the "megavitamin therapy" to prevent and treat disease. His ideas and beliefs formed the basis of "orthomolecular medicine" which has been strongly criticized and not generally practiced by most conventional medical professionals until now as is the case with Denis Marier in Windsor, Ontario.

I cannot stress the importance of Vitamins C, D and E for beating Cancer. Do you want to be cancer free then please just try some high doses of Vitamins C, D and E. Of course don't forget to rid the body of certain chemicals that are stopping your immune system from doing what it is suppose to. Detoxification through enemas, advanced colon flushes, and after doing all of the said above, some fasting is suggested for good measure. You might ask yourself, what do I know? Right. Well lets just say my doctor only gave me 3 weeks to live at best just over 4 years ago and I'm still here. Only because I listened to the best of the best when it comes to Natural Healing.

Long-Term Use of Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy Has Potential to Slow Or Stop Cancer Cell Growth

The use of ozone steam sauna therapy as a holistic cancer treatment modality is based on the premise that cancer cells, and indeed most microbes, are anaerobic and therefore cannot thrive in an oxygen-rich environment. Enriching the blood stream with oxygen decreases the chance that cancer cells will survive. In addition to creating an inhospitable environment for cancer cells, enriching the blood with activated oxygen (or ozone) has the added benefit of oxidizing free radicals in the body, thereby serving as a natural cleansing agent.

Although ozone steam sauna therapy is relatively new and its potential effects remain unknown, long-term use of this alternative cancer treatment modality could potentially slow or stop cancer cell growth, but only when combined with other alternative and/or traditional cancer treatments and only when administered in a strictly controlled setting. At the EuroMed Foundation, a Phoenix, Arizona, alternative cancer treatment center, patients receive a careful evaluation and customized treatment protocol to meet their unique health needs.


Ozone therapy is based on the concept that nature produces ozone to purify the air and to destroy the organic decay upon which disease pathogens and bacteria thrive. In the environment, ozone occurs naturally and is made up of the ordinary oxygen (O2) we breathe. During photosynthesis, plants release oxygen (O2) into the atmosphere. When those molecules come into contact with solar rays, ultraviolet radiation converts the oxygen into a heavier molecule, ozone (O3), also known as "activated oxygen" because of its additional oxygen atom. Ozone is unstable, and its extra oxygen atom combines readily with other atoms, oxidizing and purifying them. Once the extra oxygen atom has been used, ozone reverts back to its original form, oxygen. Ozone is oxygen in its most active state, containing a generous supply of oxygen.

Potential Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone is one of nature's most powerful oxidants, purifying and cleansing. Because healthy cells thrive in an oxygen-rich environment, and ozone provides a rich source of oxygen, clinicians have been administering ozone therapeutically for many years, beginning in the mid-1800s, although they have reached no consensus about its efficacy. Since the 1990s, many articles have been published in international peer-reviewed journals, reporting positive outcomes of medical ozone research and its application for a wide range of pathologies. Studies include animal experiments, patient case histories, placebo-controlled blinded human trials, and reviews. Traditional ozone therapies include intravenous autohaemotransfusion; intramuscular, intra-articular, and intradiscal injections; ozonated water consumption; and transdermal ozone gas sauna.

Some of the more commonly cited benefits of ozone therapy include the following:

1. Inactivates bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa

2. Stimulates the immune system

3. Purifies the blood and lymph systems

4. Enhances circulation and removes arterial plaque

5. Simulates oxygen metabolism

6. Forms peroxides

7. Dissolves malignant tumors

Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy: An Overview

Ozone steam sauna chambers can be used in conjunction with other alternative and/or traditional therapies to fight cancer. The chambers are constructed of ozone-resistant materials, and they deliver an optimal ozone concentration ranging from 3% to 5%. The ozone is created by an ozone generator and then dispersed into the sauna chamber, which is designed to envelop the body while leaving the patient's head open and exposed to ambient, well-ventilated air. This prevents a patient from breathing ozone at a high concentration, which can be dangerous and should be avoided.

Ozone degrades rapidly, usually beginning within 30 minutes, so an enclosed sauna unit enables the technician to quickly saturate the small chamber with therapeutic levels of ozone and to prevent it from accumulating in the ambient breathing air.

While the ozone is pumped into the sauna chamber, hot steam is introduced into the sauna chamber as well. Utilizing both heat and moisture with ozone therapy has several potential advantages:

• The steam and heat cause pores to open, initiating the detoxification process and increasing the body's ability to absorb ozone and excrete toxic substances.

• The ozone reacts with toxic substances, neutralizing and breaking them down, creating organic peroxides in the oils excreted from the pores. A small amount of ozone becomes trapped within these natural oils and newly created peroxides, which prolongs the effect of activated oxygen.

• Evidence suggests that the body is quite capable of utilizing these organic peroxides, as researchers have demonstrated that a byproduct of ozone steam sauna therapy is increased "fixed" free oxygen in the blood stream. The benefits of a single ozone sauna session have been documented to last as long as three weeks. Therefore, the highly reactive O3 molecule is eventually formed into stabilized oxygen molecules by the natural processes of the body.

• The entire lymphatic system is stimulated during therapy.

• The skin is deeply cleansed.

• If enough heat is used for a long enough time, a hyperthermic response occurs in the body, and the body's internal temperature begins to rise.

Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy Protocol

The effect of ozone steam sauna therapy is cumulative, so although occasional use will provide some residual "maintenance" benefit, it will not address chronic illness. Long-term, regular use of this alternative cancer treatment modality could potentially slow or stop cancer cell growth, but only when combined with other alternative and/or traditional cancer treatments and only when administered in a strictly controlled setting.

Ozone steam sauna therapy immediately prompts the body to begin eliminating toxic waste accumulated in the body, but does not assist the body in its actual elimination process. Regular therapy can place considerable stress on the body's lymphatic and elimination systems, including the liver, colon, and skin. Therefore, successful therapy depends upon the body's ability to continuously eliminate the toxic burden, while at the same time preventing "oxidative stress" in the body.

Oxidative stress can be extremely dangerous to the body. It occurs when the body's delicate oxygen cycle of oxidation and anti-oxidation is thrown out of balance. In a healthy individual, this metabolic process occurs naturally and effortlessly, but in a person with a chronic or degenerative condition, it does not. For this reason, when we re-introduce activated oxygen into the body, we must be able to "clean up" its effects. Antioxidants, therefore, should be a mandatory component to all ozone therapy to aid the body in preventing oxidative stress. Because of the potentially damaging effect of ozone saturation in the body, interested individuals should seek treatment only from a reputable center.

Cancer Cure and Cancer Prevention

The book titled: Healing Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to the Process of Healing Cancer takes a different look at cancer in general with a focus on overall health of the body. The book is separated into five main components which are the main components of the overall process of healing cancer. There is also a chapter on the Missing Links for cancer protocols in general, Root-Cause Analysis which identifies the root cause of cancer, and and ending chapter entitle: Life which is auxiliary content.

The chapter on Missing Links discusses Overcoming Fear and Having a Positive Attitude, Addressing Failure, Critical Thinking, Self-Education, True Health, and Responsibility. Each of these "missing links" are discussed in detail with an angle that these are mostly missing in today's conventional cancer treatment protocols. Overcoming Fear and Having a Positive Attitude are important with regard to healing the mind before beginning a journey of healing the body of cancer. These are critical components to the overall process of healing cancer in which the second chapter is dedicated to this topic. Addressing Failure is also a mental component discussed in Chapter 2.

Critical Thinking and Self-Education are discussed in detail in the Missing Links chapter to acknowledge to the reader that there is more to what we "think" we know from our general education. The premise is that we do not have the general ability to think critically because of how we were educated growing up. Also, most of us only receive a "general eduction" and think we are done learning after our formal education is complete. Self-Education is the beginning of a real education that should start well before our formal "general" education is complete. Unfortunately most of us are comfortable with the general education we receive and coast the rest of our lives. This is somewhat dangerous to our belief system as we are gullible to what others tell us a being the truth.

The final Missing Link is Responsibility which seems to be seriously lacking in our society today of grown, intelligent adults. Responsibility consists of taking care of your own affairs and not having so many dependencies in life. In the context of the book, this has everything to do with cancer and disease in general. We as humans are responsible for our actions and if we are not self-education on health and live a non-healthy lifestyle, we are responsible for the ailments and disease we experience. Dependency on a health-care system is being irresponsible. Using critical thinking and self-education will allow us to depend on ourselves and reverse those ailments and diseases and help live a healthier lifestyle.

Chapter 2, titled: Attitude is the first component of the five regarding the process of healing cancer. It is the most important component and is paramount to the healing process. Those who are suffer from perpetual fear, anger, or depression from getting cancer have a significantly lower change of a full recovery compared to those who engage in consistent positive thought. Negative thought is very important to overcome when dealing with cancer. This chapter gives guidance to overcoming negative thought which involves structuring a formal plan for doing so.

Chapter 3, titled: Root-Cause Analysis is based on the known cause of cancer which was discovered in the 1920s. The German Physicist identified the root-cause as: "The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen for normal body cells by the fermentation of sugar." Cancer becomes cancer when a cell can no longer receive the oxygen it needs to survive. This has been know for several decades, yet the current cancer industry does not support it. This chapter discusses the conventional cancer treatments of chemotherapy and radiation which do not address the root-cause of cancer. An obvious message conveyed is, if you do not know the root-cause of something, how can you fix it?

Chapter 4, titled: Detoxification is the second main component of the process of healing cancer. This chapter discusses the toxic environment we live in and the toxic accumulations that build up in our cells from years of poor diet, daily exposure to household chemicals, and chemicals in our water supply. This toxic accumulation is what is responsible for the lower oxygen levels at the cellular level which can eventually lead to cancer. In essence, the toxic accumulation is partially responsible for the formation of cancer and needs to be removed from the body. The chapter discusses many of the common detoxification protocols as well as what to avoid to limit your daily exposure to these toxic substances.

Chapter 5, titled: Alternative and Complimentary Cancer Treatments is the third main component to the process of healing cancer. This chapter discusses many of the common and popular alternative cancer treatment protocols that most of the population has never heard of. These protocols mainly focus on detoxification and nutrition.

Chapter 6, titled: Nutrition is the fourth main component. This chapter goes into great detail of the foods that you should consume and those that should be avoided. This will seem quite obvious when reading it, yet it is not common knowledge in our society. Organic foods, beverages typically do not contain the toxic chemicals of the conventional similar products. The same is true for non-consumable household products such as cleaners and hygiene products. This chapter also covers nutritional deficiencies and why the majority of the population is deficient in a particular nutrients.

Chapter 7, titled: Exercise is the fifth and final component. This is another somewhat obvious topic but the chapter goes into detail on the lymphatic system and its importance to naturally detoxifying the body. The lymphatic system is the literal sewer system of the body which its circulation is only induced by body movement (exercise). If exercise is not part of a daily routine then stagnation can form in the lymphatic system making things worse with regard to cancer and disease. It is important to implement a weekly exercise routine.

Chapter 8, titled" Life is an auxiliary chapter that discusses the Mind, Body, and Soul and how it relates to the overall process discussed. It suggests that if we do not score high in the mind, body, and soul categories then we are not living life to the fullest potential. There is more to life than just "getting by" and "going through the motions". Those with cancer obviously score low in the body category, but likely score low in the mind and soul categories too. The book and the missing links and overall process to healing cancer should allow everyone to score much higher in these categories. Using the contents in the book gives the tools to start scoring higher in these categories immediately.

Essiac Tea Side Effects: Is It Safe to Use Essiac Tea for Detox and Cancer Treatment?

Essiac tea was introduced during the 1920s, and since then has been quite popular for treating cancer, and a host of other illnesses and diseases. Initially the promotion of essiac tea was done by Rene Caisse, a nurse in Canada, who claimed the formula was given to her by one of her patients. The recipe was supposed to have originated from a medicine man of the Ojibwa tribe. This herbal formulation is now sold commercially, but is not without side effects, even though it contains only natural ingredients. Here are essiac tea side effects that are possible.


People, who take essiac tea along with their food, complain of indigestion. The solution would be to take the tea when the stomach is empty, and not during or immediately after a meal. Indigestion is also noticed in individuals, who already have a waste build-up inside their body. As the tea is known to eliminate toxins, it can cause discomfort in the digestive tract or stomach, while it is acting.

To remedy this side effect, stop taking the herbal tea for a couple of days, or wait until the condition starts improving. Treatment can be resumed with a smaller dosage, and then increasing it gradually to the normal amount. For instance, when an ounce of tea results in indigestion, decrease it to half in the beginning, and then increase it later.

Urinating Often

The tea mainly helps in detoxification, and hence prompts the system to eliminate the toxins, by passing more urine. Most users have experienced this, and is considered quite a common side effect. Even though this is a positive effect, it can cause dehydration, and therefore it is important to drink more water for replenishing lost fluids.

Pimple Formation

Certain people start to get pimples, because of the tea's detoxification process. This condition does not last long, and will stop once the system is cleaned up, and will ultimately result in a better skin tone and complexion.

Kidney Problems

Sheep sorrel and rhubarb, the two ingredients of essiac tea, has oxalic acid, which is a compound, and is quite harmless in small doses. However, for people already having kidney problems, this compound could combine with calcium, and cause kidney stones. Drinking the tea in excess can also cause poisoning.

Upset Stomach and Diarrhea

People who take drink essiac tea in excess without proper water intake can suffer from stomach upsets. The detoxification that happens due to the tea will increase the digestive process for eliminating bodily wastes. Adequate amount of water is required to help in this process, as toxins are diluted by the water, and the excretion goes about smoothly. Less water will cause an upset stomach and discomfort.

This side effect can be eliminated or minimized by taking water daily, a minimum of six glasses, especially during the intake of essiac tea.

Fortunately, the body gets acclimatized to the tea, and system of digestion will soon recover to its former state.


In certain individuals, essiac tea's herbs cause moderate to mild allergic reactions, which includes, rashes, runny nose and eyes, and itching. These are quite similar to hay fever symptoms, and hence determination of an allergy becomes quite easy.

Such a side effect can be managed by lessening the dose for some time. This is mainly to get the body accustomed to the tea. Later increase the dosage gradually, until there are no more symptoms. For some people, the intake of this tea will have to stop for some time, and then restarted in small doses.

Symptoms of Flu

The tea's detoxification process can cause cold and cough in some people, which is similar to symptoms of other methods of detoxification. People who can tolerate such symptoms should continue with the dosage and they will disappear in time.


Diabetics who are dependent on insulin should exercise caution in the dosage of their essiac tea, and monitor their levels of blood sugar regularly. Certain ingredients are known to react with bodily processes that produce glucose and insulin.

Are Essiac Tea Side Effects Dangerous?

Most Essiac tea side effects are mild, but be cautious during the treatment period. Also note, effects can vary between individuals. The tea is also not advisable for women who are pregnant or nursing, as it can cause contractions in the uterus.

Cancer Treatment - Americans Have Handed Over Billions Of Dollars And There Is No Cure In Sight

Cancer will be the source of more deaths in the year 2011 than any other disease in the world. For all the activists who have raised money and awareness through marches, and various fundraisers, and those of us who have responded with multiplied billions of dollars thrown at the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA in hopes of finding a cure, the sad fact is that all of our effort has failed. There is still no cure and there is no cure on the horizon.

It should be clear that the billions of dollars we have handed over to the cancer industry has left us without so much as a glimmer of hope for a solution to this dread disease. Families have been bankrupted, cancer patients emaciated, and the death rate remains one apiece. No matter how much money we funnel in the direction of pharmaceutical companies and the government agencies who are on their dole, we still continue to die at an alarming rate from this terrible disease.

The bottom line is that if you have been diagnosed with cancer and if you choose conventional medicine (chemotherapy) as your hope for life, you are going to die. You are going to die and chemotherapy will not cure you. It will obliterate your immune system, it will weaken you to the point of death, you will lose your hair, your joy, and your will to live, and for the rest of the degraded moments you have left on planet earth you will appear to all the world as little more than the walking dead. This will be your plight for the rest of your time on earth and it matters very little whether you have spent your life savings and bankrupted your family and relatives; you are going to die! It is of absolutely no consequence that you have made another doctor rich, and helped fund a lavish vacation for another high dollar pharmaceutical executive; you are going to die! This two hundred billion dollar a year business has not come close to finding anything that even remotely resembles a cure and another two hundred billion dollars will net the same result. You are going to die!

Our culture is enmeshed in what can only be classed as the "Cancer Dark Ages." A profit driven industry has handcuffed a whole society and is spoon feeding chemical death to citizens who have been brainwashed into believing that they have no other choice but to undergo and then try and survive the treatment. Do not be deceived, chemotherapy is absolutely brutal and there are only a relatively small number of patients who have actually survived the "treatment" and are alive to talk about it. Not many years in the future a more advanced culture will look back on this time and scratch their heads and wonder what in the heck we were thinking.

You Have An Alternative

Natural health and healing believes that no disease is incurable provided that it has not progressed too far, and that when you supply the right nutrients for the body through a healthy diet, and at the same time remove harmful chemicals and substances (detoxification) your incredible human body will heal itself every time. The success rate of healing even late stage cancer when natural holistic health practices are utilized to their full is nothing short of remarkable.

Calling this approach an alternative is really quite misleading and does not do justice to this holistic way of healing. Natural health and holistic healing have been practiced with great success for thousands of years. Modern medicine with it's synthetic chemicals (poisons) that attempt to mimic plants, and it's immune system debilitating treatments has only been around a relatively few years. Mainstream medicine should therefore be deemed "alternative" and it should be noted that this "alternative" has an almost zero success rate in relation to the treatment of cancer for instance.

It is my earnest prayer that you dear reader become informed about disease and conventional medicine's approach to healing. After thoroughly considering the issue I hope you will make the common sense approach to health and youthful vitality by adopting a lifestyle that emphasises a healthy plant based diet, regular exercise, lots of pure water, and a vital connection to the God of the Universe. These simple life changes are very inexpensive, and they provide a sense of well being, physical health, and spiritual peace, while saving you and your family a truckload of money on doctor bills. Natural health practices will allow you to live out your days in optimum health and then die peacefully at a ripe old age.

Homeopathic Medicine Is a Safe Dog Cancer Treatment

If you have recently found out that your beloved dog has cancer, you are currently facing an array of decisions. If you are seeing a veterinarian, he or she has likely recommended dog cancer treatment options like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that these kinds of treatment can be harmful for your dog. However, homeopathic medicine is an option that you might not have thought of yet. This type of medicine is a completely safe way to treat both humans as well as animals.

With homeopathy, your dog will be administered very diluted amounts of various substances. The quantity of these substances is so diluted that the treatments are completely safe. However, at the same time, these remedies are extremely potent. In one study, scientists used test tubes and were able to get cancer cells to "commit suicide" by using homeopathic remedies.

When you use homeopathic remedies as a dog cancer treatment, not only will he or she experience an improved quality of life, your pet will also live longer. Many pet owners are finding that alternative medicine options like homeopathy and biofeedback are helping their pets fight the disease without the need for harmful procedures. These types of homeopathic treatments are also completely safe. They have no side effects and have no addictive properties either. In fact, even babies can be safely treated with homeopathic medicine. A total lifestyle change that includes detoxification, better nutrition and remedies like homeopathy and flower essences can have a huge impact on the health of your pet.

Homeopathy treats your dog's body as a whole. Sadly, since surgeries and dog cancer treatment like chemotherapy only focus on removing the cancer, they can cause a host of side effects. Further when your dog is in a weakened state and feeling sick and depressed due to various treatments, his cancer is more likely to spread. Your dog may have gotten cancer in the first place because his immune system was weak. Unfortunately, these invasive treatments might end up making your dog even weaker and more vulnerable to the disease. As a result, it could be increasingly difficult for his body to combat the dog cancer.

Western medicine's approach to dog cancer treatment can often provide a temporary fix for issues. However, alternative treatments like homeopathic medicine can not only greatly expand a dog's lifespan, but also can bring him back to a normal state of health. Homeopathy is a safe way to reverse the progression of cancer in your dog's body.

Homeopathic remedies stimulate a dog's immune system. They also strengthen the body's ability to fight disease. One of the most powerful effects that this type of medicine has is that it can take advantage of the body's own healing power. Your dog's body's natural ability to heal is the ultimate dog cancer treatment.

Cancer Treatment Alternatives From Those Who Beat Cancer

In this short article I just want to point out some of the cancer treatment alternatives that cancer winners have employed to beat their disease. And what you can do to reduce the risk of getting cancer in the first place. Getting control of you health is very important.

Cancer treatment alternatives are becoming more popular and thousands of patients have beaten cancer with alternative methods when conventional medicine had given up. Unfortunately most cancer treatment alternatives are not in the mainstream because the pharmaceutical industry is in control, and if there is any competition then they would lose billions and billions of dollars. But lets get to the point.

Here a a few things that cancer winners did: including raw food to their diet and eliminating sugar; also eliminating white flour and processed foods; lowering the voltage of the cells; inhibiting tumors by stopping the growing of the cancer cells; or killing the cancer cells by introducing cytotoxic substance into them, raising the oxygen content of the cells; creating an environment that is lethal to cancer cells; eliminating all parasites from the body; lowering the pH of the body to increase alkalinity and oxygenate the tissues; building or rebuilding the immune system; detoxification of the body to eliminate underlying toxicity; repairing damaged to affected organs and areas.

Most of the the patients of beat cancer also cleaned up their personal environment to help eliminate the cancer and insure against its recurrence; eliminating yeast and parasites; removing all dead teeth including root-canaled teeth, cavitations and mercury has proved to be extremely vital; removing substances that can cause cancer like body lotions, fragrances, deodorants, fluoride, talcum powder, benzene, isopropyl alcohol etc.

Cancer can not survive in an oxygen rich environment. They are anaerobic and have fermentative metabolism which means they need sugar not oxygen to survive. It is very important to get more oxygen into the tissues and eliminate refined sugars. Basically creating an environment where cancer can not survive. If you want to learn more about alternative treatments then click the link in my Resource Box.