Cancer Treatment Alternatives From Those Who Beat Cancer

Sabtu, 17 November 2012

In this short article I just want to point out some of the cancer treatment alternatives that cancer winners have employed to beat their disease. And what you can do to reduce the risk of getting cancer in the first place. Getting control of you health is very important.

Cancer treatment alternatives are becoming more popular and thousands of patients have beaten cancer with alternative methods when conventional medicine had given up. Unfortunately most cancer treatment alternatives are not in the mainstream because the pharmaceutical industry is in control, and if there is any competition then they would lose billions and billions of dollars. But lets get to the point.

Here a a few things that cancer winners did: including raw food to their diet and eliminating sugar; also eliminating white flour and processed foods; lowering the voltage of the cells; inhibiting tumors by stopping the growing of the cancer cells; or killing the cancer cells by introducing cytotoxic substance into them, raising the oxygen content of the cells; creating an environment that is lethal to cancer cells; eliminating all parasites from the body; lowering the pH of the body to increase alkalinity and oxygenate the tissues; building or rebuilding the immune system; detoxification of the body to eliminate underlying toxicity; repairing damaged to affected organs and areas.

Most of the the patients of beat cancer also cleaned up their personal environment to help eliminate the cancer and insure against its recurrence; eliminating yeast and parasites; removing all dead teeth including root-canaled teeth, cavitations and mercury has proved to be extremely vital; removing substances that can cause cancer like body lotions, fragrances, deodorants, fluoride, talcum powder, benzene, isopropyl alcohol etc.

Cancer can not survive in an oxygen rich environment. They are anaerobic and have fermentative metabolism which means they need sugar not oxygen to survive. It is very important to get more oxygen into the tissues and eliminate refined sugars. Basically creating an environment where cancer can not survive. If you want to learn more about alternative treatments then click the link in my Resource Box.