Cancer Treatment - Americans Have Handed Over Billions Of Dollars And There Is No Cure In Sight

Sabtu, 17 November 2012

Cancer will be the source of more deaths in the year 2011 than any other disease in the world. For all the activists who have raised money and awareness through marches, and various fundraisers, and those of us who have responded with multiplied billions of dollars thrown at the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA in hopes of finding a cure, the sad fact is that all of our effort has failed. There is still no cure and there is no cure on the horizon.

It should be clear that the billions of dollars we have handed over to the cancer industry has left us without so much as a glimmer of hope for a solution to this dread disease. Families have been bankrupted, cancer patients emaciated, and the death rate remains one apiece. No matter how much money we funnel in the direction of pharmaceutical companies and the government agencies who are on their dole, we still continue to die at an alarming rate from this terrible disease.

The bottom line is that if you have been diagnosed with cancer and if you choose conventional medicine (chemotherapy) as your hope for life, you are going to die. You are going to die and chemotherapy will not cure you. It will obliterate your immune system, it will weaken you to the point of death, you will lose your hair, your joy, and your will to live, and for the rest of the degraded moments you have left on planet earth you will appear to all the world as little more than the walking dead. This will be your plight for the rest of your time on earth and it matters very little whether you have spent your life savings and bankrupted your family and relatives; you are going to die! It is of absolutely no consequence that you have made another doctor rich, and helped fund a lavish vacation for another high dollar pharmaceutical executive; you are going to die! This two hundred billion dollar a year business has not come close to finding anything that even remotely resembles a cure and another two hundred billion dollars will net the same result. You are going to die!

Our culture is enmeshed in what can only be classed as the "Cancer Dark Ages." A profit driven industry has handcuffed a whole society and is spoon feeding chemical death to citizens who have been brainwashed into believing that they have no other choice but to undergo and then try and survive the treatment. Do not be deceived, chemotherapy is absolutely brutal and there are only a relatively small number of patients who have actually survived the "treatment" and are alive to talk about it. Not many years in the future a more advanced culture will look back on this time and scratch their heads and wonder what in the heck we were thinking.

You Have An Alternative

Natural health and healing believes that no disease is incurable provided that it has not progressed too far, and that when you supply the right nutrients for the body through a healthy diet, and at the same time remove harmful chemicals and substances (detoxification) your incredible human body will heal itself every time. The success rate of healing even late stage cancer when natural holistic health practices are utilized to their full is nothing short of remarkable.

Calling this approach an alternative is really quite misleading and does not do justice to this holistic way of healing. Natural health and holistic healing have been practiced with great success for thousands of years. Modern medicine with it's synthetic chemicals (poisons) that attempt to mimic plants, and it's immune system debilitating treatments has only been around a relatively few years. Mainstream medicine should therefore be deemed "alternative" and it should be noted that this "alternative" has an almost zero success rate in relation to the treatment of cancer for instance.

It is my earnest prayer that you dear reader become informed about disease and conventional medicine's approach to healing. After thoroughly considering the issue I hope you will make the common sense approach to health and youthful vitality by adopting a lifestyle that emphasises a healthy plant based diet, regular exercise, lots of pure water, and a vital connection to the God of the Universe. These simple life changes are very inexpensive, and they provide a sense of well being, physical health, and spiritual peace, while saving you and your family a truckload of money on doctor bills. Natural health practices will allow you to live out your days in optimum health and then die peacefully at a ripe old age.