Alternative Cancer Treatments Help Cancer Patients

Sabtu, 17 November 2012

Some doctors offer alternative cancer treatments to patients with cancer. The treatments often involve using the body to fight the disease instead of drugs or radiation. They work to build the immune system. Often vitamin C is administered through an IV to a cancer patient. Vitamin C plays a role in aiding humans fight off infections. Alternative treatments also often include restoring balance in the intestines of the patient. Liver detoxification is also often included in alternative cancer treatments.

Some individuals chose to only seek alternative methods of treatment to treat cancer and they often do not work alone; therefore, it is often a good idea to mix alternative treatments with other treatment methods.

Often individuals who have cancer feel hopeless or helpless. Cancer patients often feel that they are helpless in aiding their own recovery. Seeking alternative treatments can help an individual feel that he or she is aiding in the treatment of the disease.

Individuals with cancer often feel anxiety, depression, fatigue, nausea and pain. Patients often experience sleeping problems. Stress is a common problem for a person with cancer. A person who feels all of these things may not get well as quickly as a person who is not experiencing these symptoms.

Alternative treatments for symptoms of sleeplessness, stress, fatigue, nausea and pain include exercise, hypnosis, yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture and meditation.

Exercise can help a person feel less depressed. Hypnosis can help an individual relieve stress. Acupuncture might help an individual feel less pain. Massage therapy might help a person alleviate pain and stress. Yoga might help a person alleviate fatigue and sleeplessness. Yoga might also help an individual build self esteem and fight depression.