The Most Effective, Alternative Cancer Treatment Revealed

Sabtu, 17 November 2012

In 1971, President Richard M. Nixon declared war on cancer in the USA. All the billions spent on cancer research have only gone into finding new ways of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Since then, inexpensive, time tested, natural therapies which were used successfully for decades around the world remain ignored by the conventional medical system. A fact is that, behind the scenes, millions of people worldwide have successfully treated cancer using low cost, natural, alternative cancer treatments since the 1920's.

The cancer may start with just one or a few cells somewhere in the body that undergo a change and become malignant, or cancerous. The cells divide and reproduce themselves, and the cancer grows. Most cancers arise on the surface of a tissue, such as the skin, the lining of the uterus, mouth, stomach, bowel, bladder, or bronchial tube in the lung, or inside a duct in the breast, prostate gland, or other site. Eventually, they grow from a microscopic clump to a visible mass, then begin to invade underlying tissues. As long as the cells remain in one mass, however, the cancer is localized.

At some later phase, in a process called metastasis, some of the cancer cells split off and are swept into the lymph channels or bloodstream to other parts of the body. They may be captured for a while in a nearby lymph node (a stage called regional involvement), but unless the disease is arrested, it will rapidly invade the rest of the body, with death the almost certain result. Some cancers grow with malevolent rapidity; some are dormant by comparison. Some respond to various therapies, such as radiation therapy; others do not. About half of the known types of cancer are incurable at any stage. Of the remaining half, it is obviously imperative to diagnose and treat them as early as possible.

If you are seriously considering alternative cancer treatment therapies, you shouldn't rush yourself into any kind of medicine. You should take your time because there are a lot of information that you must know and mistakes you must avoid. There are a lot of natural treatments available but you must remember that they only work on a minority of people who use it correctly. It also depends on the body chemistry of the patient. There isn't a best treatment for a certain type or stage of cancer.

Conventional doctors don't use alternative cancer therapies. They just put themselves at legal and professional risk unless they use chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and expensive drugs. The judgment of doctors as to what is best for you can never be imposed unless the medical politics at the federal level and state level approve of it. Unfortunately, FDA only promotes pharmaceutical drugs and has a long record of not approving anything alternative. No matter how well alternative treatments work, MD can never use these because they don't want any problems that can damage their careers.

The success of these so called alternative cancer treatments is either overstated by the community for alternative cancer treatment, or understated by the traditional ones. But if you really want to treat your cancer through alternative therapies, doctors around the world have found these 6 basic kinds of natural alternative cancer treatments that should be used together: 1. Whole Body Detoxification 2. Nutrition & Oxygenation 3. Immune system building 4. Enzymatic therapy 5. Mental and emotional counseling 6. Non-toxic, natural chemotherapies